Art Lessons
About Emily

"Still Life"
When creating still life compositions I prefer to zoom into the macro setting on my camera and back light my subject with a strong light. I often place my still life into odd landscape settings or perhaps abstract the various forms around it. My goal is to try to capture the energy and glow that these organic shapes emit.  Many of my still life are done in pastel, but I feel very comfortable using oil, watercolor and many other mediums.  
"Purple in Green Field"  
16 x 20, watercolor
"Weeping Orange"
16 x 20" Oil
12 x 16" Oil
12 x 16"" Watercolor
12 x 16"" Watercolor
"Orange Slice"  
12 x 16", Oil

"Dark Lemon"
16 x 20" Pastel

"Apple Slices"
16 x 20" Pastel on Sanded paper

"Dark Orange"
16 x 20" Pastel

"Lemon and Blue"  
12 x 16", Oil

"Nettie's Leaf"
8 x 10", pastel on velour