Art Lessons
About Emily

I offer several traditional options for experienced artists, as well as beginning classes in drawing.  To make things fun I even offer some crafting classes.  Click the links to read more details about each class.

Each class is fully interactive through Zoom.  We can talk, draw together and never even put our shoes on!  You can take any class no matter how far away you live. I have lowered the cost of the classes since you will need to supply your own materials.
Drawing with Pastels
The focus of these classes will be on materials, techniques, design, subject matter and personal expression using pastels. You can take one or all 8 of these classes since each is unique. Click the link above to read more.
Art Classes
If you want to become an artist yet your schedule is not set, then freestyle Mentoring might be a good fit for you. click the link above to read more.