Read how to order a portrait here.
Please print and fill out the form below and mail to: 

Emily Christoff
609 Dorene Pl
Newport News, VA 23608

Or E-mail to 

Portrait Order Form
Please send this completed form with your photos and $40.00 down payment.  The deposit can be made by credit card on the phone, by a check in the mail or by using paypal at this link: deposit here. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the result, you will not be obligated to pay for your piece, minus the down payment, after I have made every possible effort to create the perfect portrait for you. These current prices are good until January 1, 2017. At that time prices may change.

Today’s Date:

Your name: 

Telephone number and e-mail address:

Your mailing address if shipping is required:

Indicate size and style of portrait requested: Size: ___________ Style: _____________

 Size                                 Style                                           Style
                               B&W pencil drawing                     Color pastel painting
 5 x 7”                                $ 75                                              X
 8 x 10"                             $100                                           $200
12 x 16                              $150                                          $300
16 x 20"                             $200                                          $400

Additional costs:
         Position: Head and shoulders (No additional cost) ________ Hands/full body (Add $50.00 humans only) _________

        Background: Simple: ________ (No additional cost)   Detailed back ground (Add $50.00) _________

        Spicing numerous photos together (Add $20)
        Number of people or animals in the drawing: _______ ( $50.00 for each additional face.)

         Shipping required ( Add $25)  Yes___  No ___  (Contact the artist to arrange a time for pick up.)

Total cost including shipping ___________
(Please note that the deposit will be applied towards the final cost of your commission)

Would you like to order signed, limited edition prints of your portrait? Yes: ___ No: ___
8 x 10 ($20) ____ 11 x 14 ($40) ____ Total cost of prints: _________

Date required: ____________
(No extra cost to complete the commission in 2 weeks. $20.00 extra to complete as a rush order.)

Do you give permission for the artist to use your finished drawing as advertisement on her web site and display?  Yes___ No ___

Please describe the personality of your subject and include any special requests.  
What is your subject’s name?
If requesting an animal portrait please describe your subject’s breed and any special markings.
If requesting a human portrait please describe your subject’s eye color and any special markings.
Your photo must be large and clear enough that I can see the subject’s eye shape.